II International Congress of Eurasian Maritime History


The Opening Ceremony of the II International Congress of  Eurasian Maritime History took place on the 23rd of July in The St. Petersburg State Capella.

Greeting speeches were given by:

  • The 22nd Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces, the President of the International Association of Maritime Studies, Admiral Metin Ataç;
  • Head of the Organization Committee, the President of Historical and Cultural Center "Lichnost Peterburga", Aflatun A. Aliyev;
  • Head of the Piri Reis Maritime University, Professor Oral Erdogan;
  • Head of the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, Professor Sergey O. Baryshnikov;
  • The Governor of the Leningrad Oblast (St. Petersburg Suburban District) Aleksandr Y. Drozdenko;
  • Head of The Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg Vyacheslav S. Makarov;
  • Russian Federation Navy Chief, Admiral Viktor V. Chirkov;
  • Head of The N.G. Kuznetsov Naval Academy, Admiral Nikolay M. Maksimov;
  • Chairman of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping, Metin Kalkavan


The Treaty for Brotherhood of the two cities - Chesma and Pushkin was solemny signed at the Opening Ceremony. Administration of Municipal formation of Pushkin was represented by Nikolay L. Bondarenko while Chesma  - by its Honorary Citizen Biren Işık.

All the meetings and discussions took  place at the Ambassador Hotel located in historic centre of St. Petersburg. 110 papers were presented covering various aspects of maritime history. Working languages of the Congress were English and Russian. Simultaneous translation and interpreting was done throughout the Congress.

Cultural program was also offered to our participants. They enjoyed a boat tour by the rivers and channels of St. Petersburg and make a memorable photos with the Peter the Great. Moreover, a performance of  balalaika live music and Russian folk dances was given for a foreign guests in order to show them traditional culture of Russia.

The Congress was closed by the gala dinner organized for all the participants. All of them were given Certificates of Participation and memorable presents: a gilded icon with the logo of Lichnost Peterburga and a picture with the view of St. Petersburg.