II International Congress of Eurasian Maritime History

Congress 2014 brought together Navy officers as well as academicians, figures of culture from different countries. They discussed a wide variety of problems dealing with maritime history of Russia up to the beginning of the World War I.  Great attention was paid to the role of Russia in historical events taking place in the regions of the Black Sea and the Straits, the Caspian, Aegean, Mediterranean Seas, as well as in the areas of the North Atlantic Drift, the Baltic Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and the Far East. Among the topics discussed military, technical and economic aspects of maritime history, particularly, maritime architecture, live on the board, piracy and oceanology were of great interest.
Goals of the Congress:
  • Promotion of academic research in maritime history;
  • Preserving and enrichment of historic heritage and glorious maritime traditions of Russia and other countries;
  • Increase of public interest to maritime history;
  • Strengthening academic ties and increase of international academic communication


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